Loan without credit comparison

No German or foreign bank will grant a credit without a credit rating. However, the credit requirements are sometimes very different, making a loan comparison worthwhile. It can be done online and is completely free, non-binding and anonymous.

German banks require regular income and positive Credit Bureau information; Credit Bureau information does not play any role for foreign banks. Even if they wanted to, they are not allowed to obtain Credit Bureau information from German bank customers, as they are prohibited by law.

Comparison of credit without creditworthiness

Comparison of credit without creditworthiness

Anyone looking for a loan without proof of income or a loan without Credit Bureau can quickly find it on the Internet. A loan with no credit rating in comparison can provide more information. A comparison is often supported by a loan calculator, which can be found on almost every website that specializes in a loan comparison. A credit comparison requires various information such as the desired loan amount, the desired term and the amount of the monthly loan installments. Particular attention should be paid to interest rates.

Not only can they be of different heights, they can also depend on the level of creditworthiness of the customer. The latter would be recognizable from the fact that the interest information is provided with the additional comment “from…%”. Each borrower has to decide which interest rate option is cheaper for them. In general, however, the principle applies that a credit-independent loan from a person with a poorer credit rating and a credit-dependent credit from a person with a better credit rating should be preferred.

Comparison of credit without creditworthiness – personal loans and credit intermediaries

Comparison of credit without creditworthiness - personal loans and credit intermediaries

The conditions for an installment loan, which comes from a credit intermediary or a private individual, can be very different. A loan with no credit rating can clarify more details in comparison. However, no one should be under the illusion that they can get an installment loan if they have no fixed income or other collateral.

In this case, the lender would have no guarantee that he would see his money again in the foreseeable future. No reputable lender will accept this risk. Different statements can be heard again and again. However, they lack any serious basis and should be viewed with extreme skepticism.